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Print out & bring filled out application to expediate your move in!.

Application for rental


Property Address:___________Unit #________  occupancy date_____


Step 1.  Attach a check for the security deposit. Applications without a deposit will not be considered. 

Step 2.  Fill out the application.

Step 3.  Return the application to:        CHECKS MADE OUT TO: Mark Kassis

Mark’s cell (515) 441-9944

Mark’s email:  Website:

Home office address: 3425 Valley View Road, Ames, IA 50014


Personal information

(each person residing in unit must fill out a separate application) :


Name, Last:__________________________________First:_________________Middle:__________________


Phone number___________________________ Cell phone number__________________________________

Email address___________________________@_________________________  

Social Security Number________-______-____________   Date of birth______________________________

Do you have a pet?    DOG_____   CAT______    How Many?_________  Breed of Dog________________


Emergency contact information:


Name, Last:___________________________________First:___________________Middle:_______________


Email address _______________________@___________  Relationship______________________________

Phone number________________________________ Cell phone number_____________________________


Rental References

Current Landlord Name, Last:____________________________________First:_______________________

Landlord phone #_________________________________Landlord Cell# _____________________________

Landlord Email address______________________________________________@_______________________
Rental address___________________________________City________________________State___________

Dates rented from________________to___________________Monthly rent___________________________


Past Landlord Name, Last:_______________________________________First:_______________________

Landlord phone #____________________________Landlord Cell# __________________________________

Landlord Email address________________________________________@_____________________________
Rental address___________________________________City________________________State___________

Dates rented from________________to___________________Monthly rent___________________________




Current Employment Company Name_________________________________________________________

Company address__________________________________Supervisor Name__________________________

Company phone #__________________________ Supervisor Cell phone #___________________________

Supervisor home phone # __________________________________Monthly salary____________________


Past Employment Company name____________________________________________________________

Company address________________________________Supervisor name____________________________

Company phone #____________________________ Supervisor Cell phone #_________________________

Supervisor home phone # _________________________________ Monthly salary____________________



        Criminal & Eviction action Background Check


Has an eviction action ever been filed against you?

Yes___    No ____



Have you ever been convicted of a sex related crime?

Yes____  No_____     Explain_____________________________________________________________________________________


Have you ever been convicted of a misdemeanor or felony (excluding traffic violations)

Yes_____  No______  Explain_____________________________________________________________________________________



Security deposit statement and accepted disclosure

Everything I have stated in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.  I understand that you will retain this application whether or not it is approved.  You are authorized to check my credit & rental history to answer questions you may have about my credit & rental experience.  I also understand that I have made a deposit in the amount of $_________. I also understand that this is considered earnest money to be refunded to me if this application is denied.  Upon approval of this application, the earnest money will be deposited as the security deposit, and only fully refundable upon completion of the lease.  When approved I agree to execute a lease within 3 working days, or the deposit will be forfeited as liquidated damages in payment for the agent’s time and effort in processing my inquiry and application, including making necessary investigation of my credit, character, and reputation.



Ames Living * Mark Kassis & Terry Lowman * 3425 Valley View * Ames * Ia * 50014 * 515-441-9944
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